lunes, 27 de abril de 2015

Alana and Naroa the sea lions.

                                                        SEA LIONS           

The sea lion is a mammal.
They can live in South America, New Zealand, on the coast of the U.S.A, Canada and Mexico.

The sea lion is big.  It has got external ears, thick skin and flippers.

It eats fish, squids, penguins and other sea animals.

It can swim under water for ten minutes.

Kiara and Nahia G.


The chameleon is a reptil.
It lives  mainly on leaves on the forest floor.

It is about 2.9 cms long. It has got big eyes and a long tail.

It eats insects; the bigger ones, also eat birds.

The chameleon's skin can change colour to match the chameleon's surroundings, making it more difficult to see .

There are bout 100 species of chameleon.

viernes, 17 de abril de 2015

Nahia.T y Sara.T XD 5.B

                                                           The Red Fox

The red fox is a mammal.

They live in the woodlands.

Foxes are small wild dogs with short legs and big, bushy tails.

They eat small animals, insects and fruit.

Foxes' pointed ears give them very good hearing.This helps them detect the slightest noise of a small animal in the grass.


                            THE LEMURS

The lemur is a mamal .
The lemurs live only on the island of Madagascar.
They can reach 1,3 metres high, they have got big eyes and ears, and an extra long middle finger.
They eat  fruit , leaves , insects , and also eggs.
The extra long middle finger is used as a spoon to catch the insects from the tree trunks.

tailed lemur katta baby lemurs wallpaper background